About SWA

SGMA Water Analytics, Inc., also known as “SWA”, is a secure communications company specializing in data management and monitoring services for growers, landowners, dairy farmers, and others managing water in California under the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA).

Amidst regulatory requirements, droughts, and declining groundwater levels, accurate water-use data leads to financial savings and the long-term success of farming operations. SWA provides our clients with the data and tools they need to make informed, wise water management decisions.

Our Priorities

Security Measures

Our primary job is to keep our clients’ water use and well data safe and secure. SWA protects the proprietary information of clients by encrypting their data, storing and transmitting data through secure sensors and telemetry devices, and ensuring their data is only shared if and when the client makes a request for SWA to do so.

Reliable Data

SWA supplies unique SIM cards in client’s telemetry devices which will use the best signal available at all times. If one cell tower goes down or is under maintenance, the telemetry device will use a different, nearby provider.
This means clients will not experience lapses in data collection due to poor signal quality and can trust the accuracy of their water use information provided by SWA. Our broad bandwidth also allows us to provide reliable monitoring services to clients managing water in rural communities.

Advanced Technology

SWA employs advanced storage solutions to store sensitive proprietary information. Our custom database serves as the backend storage solution for clients’ data, offering reliability and scalability for managing large volumes of data efficiently. Likewise, custom communications methodologies enable secure and reliable communication between devices and applications, facilitating real-time data exchange and enabling seamless connectivity to clients' water meters.

Our Leadership Team

SWA’s highly sophisticated and dedicated team of engineers, operators and security professionals have years of experience in designing, build-out, provisioning, and operating secure data centers and systems for the U.S. Government, U.S. Military, aerospace industry, and other critical infrastructure clients.

Mark Tiernan - CEO

Rob Dyer - Vice President of Operations

Debra Montgomery - Administrator

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