Water Marketing and Banking

Water is a commodity. As with any commodity, the owner must know how much they have versus how much they need to effectively buy, sell, or trade the resource. SWA provides clients with an accurate, detailed understanding of their water use data and an online platform to participate in future water markets and water banking programs.

Water Markets

Water marketing involves the transfer or selling of water, or the rights to use the water, from one owner to another. The transfer of water can take place through the purchase or leasing of water sitting in a natural state or by the physical movement of water from one place to another.

Water marketing is an important strategy for managing water under California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA). SWA’s data management services will allow water users to make informed buying and selling decisions. SWA will also continue to build out features on our client portal allowing clients to buy and sell water in a secure and user-friendly manner.

Water Banks

A groundwater bank uses available space in the underground aquifer to store groundwater for later use. Like financial banking, groundwater banking is built on deposits and withdrawals.  Water is deposited during wet years and withdrawn during dry years.

Successful groundwater banking programs require accurate data collection and ongoing monitoring. This information is essential to estimating the continuing capacity of a groundwater bank, tracking how water moves once it’s in the ground, and accurately accounting for the water deposited and withdrawn from the bank.

SWA’s online client portal can be integrated with major water banking programs, allowing growers and other banking subscribers to easily track their banking activities.

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